Daily landfill cover operations in 34 seconds

34 seconds

What happens to our trash at the end of the day?

That question “what happens to our trash” is often asked by kids. The answer is, it goes to one of Orange County’s three landfills, where OC Waste & Recycling employees safely bury and cover it in environmentally engineered areas six days per week.

At the end of each day, landfill crews take special measures to put each active area to “bed by covering it after it has been smashed and compacted.

The daily cover operation keeps trash in its place, minimizes odors and keeps unwanted pests at bay. The entire process is a well-choreographed routine, combining movement of approximately 1,500 cubic yards of soil, coordination of multiple heavy equipment vehicles and several site staff. In one quick hour, the daily cover is complete. A single daily cover operation at the Frank R. Bowerman filmed in this recent time lapse video, includes:

  • 4 trash dozers
  • 1 dirt dozer to push soil cover
  • 2 BG wheel dozers with back graders to clean the landing
  • 2 trash compactors
  • 3 scrapers
  • 2 water trucks
  • 12 site laborers for litter control

The daily cover operation is one of many measures OC Waste & Recycling implements to protect and steward the environment and ensure a safe and healthy community for current and future generations. Follow us @OCWaste on social for more interesting landfill facts and up-to-date service information.

Click the image below to view the time lapse video:

34 seconds