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A Better Tomorrow Starts Now! 

Orange County residents are required to sort organic waste, including specific food items, into their organics cart. Below are links to resources for organics recycling, composting tips, household hazardous waste, local waste haulers, recycling coordinators, food donation opportunities and more.

Food Scrap Pail Tips

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Food scrap pails serve as a resource for residents to successfully implement an organics recycling routine. When in doubt, contact your local waste hauler to determine whether an item can be placed in your organics bin!

Line or Bag it! Uncoated paper, such as newspaper or grocery store paper bags, serve as a great liner for food scrap containers. Lining your container will cut down on the amount of liquid residue left in your pail once emptied into your organics cart. Plastic bags are NOT compostable and should never be place in your food pail. *NOTE: Based on your haulers processing practices, compostable bags MAY NOT be acceptable to place in your organics cart.

Keep it Cool! Residents are encouraged to place food scrap pails in their refrigerator or freezer until collection day.

Create a routine! If space constraints prevent you from storing your pail in the refrigerator or freezer, place it in a convenient location near your trash can as a reminder to place food scraps in the pail.


Residential Organics Recycling

Residential Organics Recycling
Wondering what goes where in terms of residential organics recycling?


Tips on Organics Recycling

Tips on Curbside Organics Carts  
Find tips and info on residential organics carts.

Who's my waste hauler?

Who's My Waste Hauler?
Orange County is home to several different waste haulers, and rules for waste disposal vary.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers
Batteries, paint and e-waste are only a few examples of what's accepted at all four Household Hazardous Waste Collections Centers in Orange County.

Who's my recycling coordinator?

Who's My Recycling Coordinator?
Recycling coordinators can be a great resource for waste reduction and recycling programs.

Recycle Guide

What and where can I recycle in OC?
OCRecycleGuide.com is a resource to find out what you can recycle in Orange County and where.

Business Compliance

Business Compliance
Businesses looking to create and implement their own food waste collection program can be a part of the recycling solution and stay in compliance with SB 1383.

Edible Food Recovery Organizations

Edible Food Recovery Organizations
Edible food recovery organizations are a vital part of SB 1383. Discover what organizations are available in OC and what they accept.

Food Assistance

Resources for obtaining food assistance
Organizations offer support for food-insecure families.

SB 1383

Senate Bill (SB) 1383
SB 1383 is the law that set food recycling in the state of California in motion.

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