Landfill Fees

The fees listed below are for public disposal at Orange County's landfills only. The Olinda and Prima Deshecha landfills are the only two sites open for public disposal in the county.  

Fees - Effective July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022*

Autos, passenger minivans, SUVs  
Loads weighing less than 360 pounds.

Pickup trucks, utility vans, cargo vans with less than 880 pounds
Loads weighing less than 880 pounds.
Additional fee for hard-to-handle items longer than six feet (examples: pieces of wood, furniture, mattresses, etc.) $5.00
Per-ton fee for vehicles carrying more than 880 pounds $60.09

Per-ton fee for vehicles carrying more than 880 pounds, including hard-to-handle materials ($5 fee)


*For information on fee exemptions, click here or call (714) 834-4000

Acceptable Forms of Payment

  • Cash or check. Customers using checks for transactions requiring a weigh back will need two checks, one for a deposit and one for the final balance.
    • Make checks payable to County of Orange
    • Check must have physical address imprinted. P.O. Box numbers are not allowed.
    • Important News for Weigh-Back Customers Who Pay by Check: Click here for more information.
  • Credit cards. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.
  • Automated Payment Program

Site-Specific Disposal and Fee Details

Prima Deshecha Landfill

Frank R. Bowerman Landfill

  • No public disposal is permitted.
  • Commercial customers must show proof of a current Orange County-based business license, California contractor's license or other form of business identification (no business cards).
  • EFFECTIVE 11/15/21, FRB will NO LONGER be accepting clean, broken asphalt. Please reach out to Olinda Alpha and Prima Deshecha landfills.
  • Commercial disposal of treated wood - EFFECTIVE 4/16/2021, TREATED WOOD WASTE WILL BE ACCEPTED

Olinda Alpha Landfill

Proof of Origin of the Waste

Orange County's Landfills only accept waste from Orange County. Please be prepared to show proof of the origin of the waste in the form of a drivers license with an Orange County address, a current utility bill showing the address where the waste originated, or a contract showing the address of the origin of the waste.