Show the Earth Gratitude this Thanksgiving by Recycling Right!

Did you know about 200 million pounds of turkey are thrown away each year at Thanksgiving? As we work to preserve our natural resources, the County of Orange would like to encourage residents to recycle right this holiday season. By making a conscience decision about what goes in your waste bin, we can ensure our landfills have space for years to come.

Orange County Waste & Recycling has come up with some suggestions on how you can help protect Mother Earth this Thanksgiving. It’s important to plan ahead for the meal and practice portion control by purchasing food according to your guest list. Still have too much? An alternative to throwing away those pounds of leftovers is to compost them. Also make sure to set the table like a recycling pro. Use reusable plates and silverware if you can and avoid single-use plastics. Finally, take household items and upcycle them into holiday decorations. Want more ideas? Visit this link for more information and creative ways to get festive this holiday season but still be eco-friendly.

If you are having trouble figuring out where to bring items you no longer need, visit for an A-Z guide on how to recycle right.