Kick Start Eco-Friendly Habits on National CleanUp Day!

Canyon Clean-Up event flyer.

Give back to the environment on National CleanUp Day, Saturday, September 18 – and keep the eco-conscious attitude throughout the year! National CleanUp Day occurs on the third Saturday in September and addresses excess waste and litter issues across America. Numerous clean-up programs will be offered locally this year, including several coastline communities and in the canyons areas (flyer below).  Residents of the County can also contact their local Recycling Coordinator for more options and ideas to join a CleanUp Day or throughout the year.  

Whether joining a local program or strategizing efforts on the home front, let National CleanUp Day be the catalyst for year-round eco-friendly habits! Check out the tips below for everyday recycling best practices.  


 Composting is an ages-old, natural process that stewards the environment in many ways. From reducing methane emissions and preserving landfill space to producing soil enrichment and lowering your carbon footprint, composting is a great way to stay eco-friendly year-round. For more information on composting in Orange County click here.  

Appliance & Mattress Recycling  

While bulky items might not be a daily concern, when it’s time to dispose of them take a moment to consider if they’re recyclable. If you are a resident most appliances are accepted and recycled at our landfills, a full list of items can be found here. OCWR in partnership with the Mattress Recycling Council offers mattress recycling, welcoming residents to bring their mattresses to the landfill for recycling and repurposing.  

Odd Item Recycling & Proper Waste Disposal  

If National CleanUp Day is starting recycling and cleanup trends at home, you might be wondering where to take odd items and where/how to dispose of hazardous waste. OC Recycle Guide is an informative resource that directs you to the best places to recycle a wide range of items. From batteries to bike tires, smoke alarms to solar panels, OC Recycle Guide can help. Also, check out the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center page for details on free drop off of hazardous waste including chemicals, e-waste, automotive products, and more.  

National CleanUp Day offers a benchmark date for the community to organize and coordinate cleanup efforts - and could kickstart daily recycling habits!