Throwback to Childhood: Celebrate Pack Your Lunch Day!

Pack Your Lunch

We all look forward to the little time in the afternoon when we can find a quiet spot, sit down, and enjoy our lunch free from the distractions of the typical working day. Although life does move fast for us, unfortunately the choices we make for lunch typically follow the same hectic pace. As we grow older, what we have for our afternoon meal seems to be an afterthought rather than a deliberate choice made the night before.

While convenience has given us unlimited choices, National Pack Your Lunch Day is a throwback to the simpler time when we could not wait to unveil the contents inside our lunch box. It encourages folks to use fresh ingredients from their kitchen to pack a lunch that is healthy and nutritious-and if done correctly, you will have also had a zero-waste lunch hour.

Lunchtime arguably is one of the most wasteful meals throughout the day. The typical lunch-on-the-go consists of single-use packaging and disposable utensils which add unnecessary tonnage to the waste stream; eventually finding its way into our landfills.

By using reusable containers such as plastic or glass to pack your lunch, you are doing your part in contributing to extending the life of an OC Landfill.

Be a kid again, celebrate Pack Your Lunch Day!