Organics Waste Bin Tips

Organics Bin


Under Senate Bill (SB) 1383,  Californians are required to recycle organics by placing specified items in their organics bin, formerly known as the green or yard waste bin. What goes in the organics bin and what tips should residents be aware of?

Organic material comes from anything living – plants and animals. Organic waste includes grass clippings, leaves, twigs, shrubbery, weeds, and garden trimmings. In general, foods that may now go into the organic waste bin include meat, fish, dairy, fruit, vegetables, breads, pastas, grains and plate scrapings. Your waste hauler will provide very specific instructions. If in doubt, consult your local hauler as instructions may differ from hauler to hauler and by city.


  • Know the program for your city by contacting the local waste hauler since there may be variations to your specific organic recycling program.
  • Keep your food scraps in the fridge or freezer and empty it directly into the organics cart on your service day.
  • Layering dry coffee grounds at the base or throughout an organics bin can help absorb and mitigate odors. 
  • Citrus zest and peels are non-toxic options for natural air fresheners and can go directly into the organics bin. 
  • Line your organics container with a piece of paper or paper napkin to absorb any liquids and food waste.
  • Place a layer of greenwaste (yard clippings, leaves, etc.) in the organics bin before adding your food waste inside.
  • Consider buying a charcoal filter for your organics bin to mitigate odors. 

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