Have a Slice and Enjoy National Pizza Day!

Pizza Day

Celebrate National Pizza Day this year by not only enjoying a slice of your favorite pizza, but also recycling the box in came in!  

The debate as to whether pizza boxes can be recycled, is as time honored as choosing your favorite toppings to adorn your pizza. A recent study conducted found that a used pizza box may most certainly be treated as any other recyclable material. 

In 2020, pizza box manufacturers and paper mills came together and discovered the box that keeps your pizza fresh and hot, is 100% recyclable. Made from the same material as a typical corrugated box, this material has a recovery recycle rate of 92%.    

Even though there is still conflicting information across the country regarding of how of how to dispose your old pizza box. Local OC haulers recommend if the box is greasy, tear the top half off and place in your recycle bin. The bottom may go in the trash.   

If you have any questions please reach out to your local waste hauler for your city here.    

Happy Pizza Day!