Reduce Waste, Reuse Your Campaign Lawn Signs

Campaign sign

With campaign season over (for now), it’s time to think about what to do with all those lawn signs and posters. If the signs have mixed materials (metal, paper and plastic), they do not belong in the curbside recycle bin without separating. Instead, here are some creative ideas for those corrugated plastic signs that keep repurposing in mind: 

Make a cheerful yard sign to celebrate a birthday, celebration or other milestone. 

Lawn sign


Bird Houses -- Help out our feathered friends with some new real estate, just in time for winter. 

Bird house


Storage Boxes - The sturdy material makes for ideal storage boxes, sized to your liking. 

storage box

Wall Storage -- Save counter space and the planet at the same time. 

wall storage


Shoe Shelf -- Store shoes inside or outside with this nifty project. 

shoe shelf