*Please note that we only ACCEPT waste from Orange County residents or businesses. Proof of address may be requested.

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If you notice debris on streets near the landfill, please contact OC Public Works at 714-955-0200 or submit an electronic request here.


Effective September 21, the CR&R Material Recovery Facility (MRF) previously located at the Prima Deshecha Landfill is closed. For information about other MRFs operated by CR&R, please contact the company directly at 1-877-728-0446 or visit their website.

If you are permitted for a construction/demolition project, please contact the city that issued the permit for debris diversion requirements.

Visit OC Waste & Recycling’s Construction & Demolition Program for more information about what may be required by OC Public Works/Planning. The site includes a link to approved construction and demolition facilities.

Public disposal at Prima will remain open as usual Monday thru Saturday from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.


The Prima Deshecha Landfill accepts public and commercial solid waste. Also, this location is host to one of the County's four free Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers for residents of the county. For information on what can be brought to the collection center, check here. Business hazardous waste must be handled separately. Visit our business hazardous waste referral page for details.
There are certain special waste items that can be disposed specifically at this landfill location.

Special Waste Accepted at Prima Deshecha Landfill

Non-accepted Waste

  • Asbestos, batteries, chemicals
  • Mufflers, fuel tanks, brake linings, auto body shredder waste, fuels
  • Tires (Check with CalRecycle on proper tire disposal)
  • Paints, poisons, pesticides, contaminated soils
  • Body parts, medical waste, animal parts, radioactive material
  • Fuels, heavy metals, explosives, radioactive material
  • Liquid waste (with a moisture content of 50 percent or greater)
  • Nuisance dust


Opened in 1976, the Prima Deshecha Landfill features 1,530 total acres, with 697 acres for waste disposal. The Prima Deshecha site has a projected capacity to serve residents and businesses until approximately 2102.

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The Prima Deshecha Landfill is a state-of-the-art, Class III municipal solid waste landfill. It features several environmental protection measures, including odor control systems, 5.7 acres of wetland, 175 acres of coastal sage scrub, 11 acres of riparian mitigation. Home to various species of threatened or endangered wildlife, the site preserves about 450 translocated individuals of endangered thread-leaved brodiaea. There are also onsite regional trails providing scenic ocean views and native habitat.


Prima Deshecha Landfill is more than just trash!  Approximately half of the property is set aside under a conservation easement (CE). Over 200 acres of the CE area at Prima has been actively restored as habitat to offset impacts associated with landfill development as required by agencies such as USFWS, CDFW, RWQCB, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Habitat at Prima includes 5.7 acres of wetland, 175 acres of coastal sage scrub, 11 acres of riparian, and 20 acres of native grassland habitat. These habitat areas are home to various species of native CA wildlife including the threatened coastal California gnatcatcher and endangered the least bell’s vireo. These mitigation lands also preserve about 450 translocated individuals of endangered thread-leaved brodiaea flowers. There are also onsite regional trails providing scenic views of Prima’s native habitat. Please remember when hiking that these habitats and many species that reside there are sensitive and are best enjoyed from on the trail.


Environmental Reports

For a listing of Environmental Impact Reports, please click here.